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    Anhui Sitong Pipe Co. Ltd. take you to learn the great role of the putty knives

    release time:2017-11-16 11:49:46 Popularity:0 source:admin

              In the decoration process, putty knife, knife, bricklaying trowels are the  decoration tools often used by workers. Today ,we'll take you to know the imporant role of oil gray knife in the decoration !

             1. peeling paint, which is caused by the wood decay or metal rust, poor quality paint,  not strong new paint on surface , or may be a  too smooth surface . At this time, when we use the putty, the primer, paint and so on , the putty knife is needed.

            2. cracks appear, most of which need to be removed by chemical paint remover or hot air spray gun, and then repainted. If the rupture range is not big, we can use sanding block or dry wet amphibious sand paper with water to paint abrasion ruptures, after surface polished, paint  putty with a putty knife , brush primer, and then repaint.

             3. paint flowing,  if brushed too thick, the paint will  flow. While the paint is not dry, remove the putty with a knife brush. If the paint is dry, we should wait for its dry, and  polish surface paint with fine sandpaper, brush it clean, then wipe with wet cloth, and then repaint outer layer, do not brush it too thick.

            4. blister of paint , first of all,we can use the putty knife will pierce the bubble, if there is water out, that is ,there exixts  moisture infiltration in the paint layer under or behind , remove the foaming paint with a hot-air spray gun, let the wood drying, and then brush primer, and finally rapaint in the whole surface of repair.

            This is the introduction of the usage of putty knife , Anhui Sitong  Pipe Co, Ltd. specializes in the production of PVC pipe, putty knives and other products, we welcome new and old customers for consultation and cooperation!

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