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    Analysis of the technical characteristics of rolling brushes

    release time:2017-11-16 12:00:12 Popularity:0 source:admin

           The rolling brush power comes from the vehicle auxiliary engine, the engine is Cummins engine , the best one in domestic construction machinery industry. With 100 horsepower, it provides adequate power to clean snow. The hydraulic pump in hydraulic system is gear pump with large displacement, its displacement is 100 ml; the ground area of rolling brush hair can be accurately adjusted; The rolling brush support wheel adopts pneumatic tire, which can adjust the contact area between the rolling brush and the ground, at the same time it can ensure that the rolling brush changes with the change of the road surface during snow cleaning, and the roller brush and the chassis vehicle are connected by a driving type connecting system, which can be quickly installed and disassembled in ten minutes.

             The main color of rolling brush is orange red,  the surface coating method is one-time primer and two times polyurethane topcoat process, with red warning flag at both ends of the roller brush; The rolling brush hood adopts telescopic structure, which is my company's patented products,  it can ensure the effect of snow rolling brush, and can effectively prolong the service life of brushes; the rolling brush connector is suitable for installation on the double bridge engineering vehicle, and the connection device can realize the interchange installation of snow removing roller brush and snow removing shovel.

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