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    The specifications and corrosion resistance of PE pipes?

    release time:2017-11-16 11:58:57 Popularity:0 source:admin

             The PE pipe has good corrosion resistance, good hygiene performance and long service time.

             PE pipe is inert material, it can withstand erosion of many chemicals without breeding bacteria except that of a small amount of oxidant. We all know that steel pipes, cast iron pipes are replaced by plastic pipe is not only because of characteristics of plastic pipes, such as the low water and energy consumption, light weight, convenient  installation , low cost,  time endurable performance and insulation performance, but also because plastic pipes have corrosion resistance without breeding microorganisms.

            For many years , the company has been committed to products,  hoping to produce PE pipes of excellent quality , and it has built a sales network to make purchasement more convenient for you . With the continuous development of the PE pipe market , we have reached a cooperation and strategic alliance with many enterprises , which make us grow towards a win-win road. pragmatism and innovation are the quality of our employees , positive working attitude and scientific management let our PE pipe complete in specifications with quality assurance and more customers trust.

           With the operating principles of  "mutual benefit and common development" , the company hopes to be the number one brand of Chinese pipeline! We are looking forward to sincere cooperation with friends at home and abroad, and working together to develop a common picture.

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