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    Brief analysis of specification and installation of PVC drainage pipe

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            1.pipe cutter and groove. The length of the pipe cutter is determined according to the actual measurement and the size of each connecting pipe. Generally, fine sawing, cutting tools and pipe cutting machines should be used for pipe saws, and the fracture should be smooth without any deformation at the section. The bonding part can be shaped into the socket 15o~30o groove with  medium riffler file, groove length is generally not less than 3mm, the depth of the groove should be 1/3~1/2 that of wall thickness , once the groove is completed,  debris should be removed.

           2.socket interface protection. Generally speaking, after the finishment of  socket connection, the extruded adhesive should be cleaned with cotton or dry cloth dipped in a little acetone and other cleaning agents. Rest it according to the performance of the adhesive  and climatic conditions until the interface is solidified. If the construction is in winter, then the curing time should be appropriately extended.

           Above is the introduction of the specifications and installation of PVC drainage pipe , we hope this helps.

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