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    What material is the PVC tube made of?

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             PVC material is polyvinyl chloride,  one of the largest output of plastic products in the world with cheap price and wide application. PVC material boasts the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, moisture retention, moisture-proof, flame retardant, simple construction and so on. Its specifications and color patterns are various with high decorative value. Generally, there are PVC pipes, PVC plastic doors and windows, and plastic toys containing pvc. It is made up of PVC resin and stabilizer, lubricant and so on. It is the earliest plastic pipe which has been developed and applied. PVC pipe is divided into PVC-U pipe and Upvc, PVC-U pipe is mainly used for building drainage, it is light and durable ,bright and smooth with beautiful color, long service life; The cold and heat resistance of PVC tube is poor but its good anti-dryness performance , strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, non-toxic make it  suitable for wire pipe and sewage pipe.
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