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    The development trend of plastic pipes

    release time:2017-11-16 11:52:46 Popularity:0 source:admin

              Anhui Sitong Pipe Co, Ltd always adheres to the principle of innovation and development. Today, the company will tell you the development trend of plastic pipes.

              The new extrusion system can change the PVC pipe diameter without stop. This new technology can increase productivity, reduce operators, reduce material costs, and increase production flexibility. It can make production more flexible, and shorten the supply period, reduce the backlog of products inventory. In recent years, the construction industry continues to slump, which is causing more and more pressure to plastic pipe manufacturers. Therefore, the production lot is greatly compressed. A few years ago, a size PVC pipe could be produced in large quantities, but today it is the opposite. Because there are less order of a certain pipe , the manufacturers change the pipe size more and more frequently. From this we can see that , to change the pipe size we have to go through many processes, which takes a lot of time and manpower. In addition, a considerable amount of waste will be produced during repeated driving and parking.

              Anhui Sitong Pipe Co., Ltd. will earnestly serve the new and old customers, we will sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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