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    Analysis of the advantages of PVC pipe fittings

    release time:2017-11-16 14:17:58 Popularity:0 source:admin

              The products of Anhui Sitong Co,Ltd are widely used in high-rise building drainage ,wire conduit, geographical communication and other fields, please see the following analysis of advantages of pipe fittings of PVC .

             1.light weight: because of the light weight, it can greatly reduce the transportation cost and the construction strength of installation .

             2.no impact on the water quality (non-toxic): materials are composed entirely of carbon and hydrogen , without adding any  toxicheavy metal stabilizer , health performance of materials has been detected through national authoritative departments,  it is currently the best pipe tap for water pipe.

             3. good heat resistance performance: when the water temperature is 70 degrees, the softening temperature reaches140 degrees.

             4. large transverse mechanical strength (high resistance): good water pressure resistance ,strength of external pressure resistance, impact resistance make it suitable for various conditions.

              5.long service life:  at rated operating temperature and pressure, the service life of a pipe is more than 50 years, with anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-radiation performance, the product will never fade.

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