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    Anhui Sitong Pipe  Co, Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development and sale of  pipe and pipe fittings such as PVC-U drainage pipe, spiral pipe silencer, PVC flame retardant electrical  conduits , PVC-C power cable, PPR hot and cold water pipes, PE double-wall corrugated pipe and so on. The company is located in Tongcheng, Anhui province, a  famous historic city known as "city of literary" , which is adjacent to Shanghai Chengdu highway, enjoying an favorable location and convenient transportation, and its branch is located in the Hefei New Station Industrial Park .

          Since the founding , the company always adheres to the concept of "quality is the life of enterprises, reputation is the foundation of the company, innovation is the driving force of development" .After continuous development, the company now has the twin-screw extrusion production line twenty and dozens of  automatic electric injection molding equipment which are advanced in China. The company employed one hundred people, and its annual production capacity reaches eight thousand tons. Company products are widely used in many fields like high-rise building drainage, wire conduit, buried communication, municipal sewage and so on.

         The company has a strong R & D strength and advanced processing technology, and its development is guaranteed by scientific management methods and strict quality .Now, the company has  sales outlets in many provinces and cities nationwide, and it is certified by ISO9001-2000 quality system ,and has won the title of trustworthy enterprise by the market seller  , famous brand of Tongcheng city, financial trustworthy enterprise, contract keeping and credit first company of Anhui Province and other honors many times.

          The company adheres to the principle of service of "quality first, reputation first" , we endeavor to be a first-class enterprise, make a first-class brand , and dedicate to provide quality products and excellent service for our new and old customers.


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